Forbidden City Studio A n' B

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You've hit Forbidden City Studios based in Beijing.

Effectively a Recording Studio for acoustic styled entertainers the two fully functional studios allow for self recording with either hard disk onto a Zoom R8 or Zoom R16 or through a DAW (Ableton or Cubase) via a MOTU 8 input stereo out sound card. All of this takes place in Studio B. 

Studio A is the larger suite and allows for  Control Room and Vocal and Guitar Booth options. Again both Cubase and Ableton DAW's are used (Cubase 5 with 8 coming and Ableton Live 9). Studio A's production facilities also come with an engineer and here we use a multi channeled firewire soundcard Allen and Heath Zed R16 alongside full 88 note midi keyboards for any piano work. 

Both studio's offer an array of equipment but that essentially guitars and keyboards ''are in the house'' and there is a good selection of Dynamic and Condensor microphones.

Drumming wise we offer remote recording in rehearsal situations in Beijing or offshore supply of drum tracks from one of Australia's eminent drummer's Plutonic. Check out his site here.

The environment is not like a 'Recording Studio' might appear, but if you're a small outfit, a duo or solo performer or if you are doing Poetry or need to produce Audio Books or Motivation tapes or Film post editing then Darktrunk's Forbidden City Studio may be for you.

Here's some pics of the updating taking place with more to come and some short vidz to accompany this shit.


Ben Carstairs.