Steve Blaque

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''If you've arrived here to read anything about me then just wanna pass on that I'm taking some time out with the guys who put this site together to get some more up to date stuff that's happening in my musical life'' Steve BLaque

For the moment we'll leave you with a link to a site that Steve places much of his developmental ideas on and that you can use it to track what is happening in his world.



We'll have more soon and here's a samp from last week in Beijing at his DDC show

{flv}DDC show part 1 feb 23{/flv}

Catch the same clip on youtube if you have access to that and are not being strangled censorship. 


Ben Carstairs.

 Steve Blaque's albums are available from the module right of this page. Steve Blaque's Albums but for now you can also hear what he is working on in the studio at Forbidden City Studio in Beijing