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Songwriting is perhaps the hub of all things at Darktrunk. Under the watchful eye of editor Eddy Barry we hope you will soon find some tasteful contributions from artists connected with 52 North Publishing and the other networks that Darktrunk is involved with.


Blaque of Blaqueland, which is the full moniker that 'Blaque' prefers to travel under was in fact in the mid naughties, and isn't that a phrase that came and went with as much relief as 'to cut a long story short', but and now returning to what I started with here, and in some sense applying the last god awful idiomatic expression, Blaque by the mid two thousands was beginning to re-emerge from the cloud of Junkieland which he was an innaugral member from the late 1980's into the early 1990's.

Those days had long passed and even though he was writing and composing back in those days there seemed by around late 2006 some very unfulfilled elements of his musical life, ergo new music from the performer and indeed a whole new style of composing.

To get things moving ahead I've chosen in this series of short articles to return to the music that Blaque produced between 2005-2008 and try to find some sense of logic behind the composer who writes in a studio but prefers to play live with an acoustic guitar. I've never been able to fully understand why he's chosen this pathway, but in the coming weeks as I compile the article from interviews (and these aren't easy to get from a well practiced recluse as Blaque) with the writer as well as a collection of lyrics and music that have been sent to me.

Florence Appleton


The samples related to songwriting here are testimony to the fact that not all lyrics are used in terms of meeting deadlines or needs and nor are the chords that also might be scrawled on bits of scrap paper. In fact in terms of a guy like Blaque perhaps only 10% of the ideas that are generated are used. The collection used here of about 10 different ideas in fact only has one that has reached the stage of being completed and used in performance and recording. 


Furby Alexander