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Welcome to Projects, which here at Darktrunk we take as a global offering of what we're presently involved in, especially when it comes to music.

Fundamentally Darktrunk is a recording company, committed to recording live music, or artists in Darktrunk's very own recording studio Forbidden City Studios. 

Apart from recording solo artists and sound folly for film makers, we're also involved in other projects like our Promotions Department (Darktrunk Promotions) and also our Publishing Department (52 North Publishing and Records). Over the past year or two there has been a merging of these two key audio and flilm areas into Darktrunk's very own Dkktv, which is fundamentally it's live recording and filming services. This is mostly for, but not limited to young Bands ''around the realm'', however we're also involved in some small animation projects as well as advertising jingles and educational training films.

Of course Boxing and matters pertaining to the sport are another of our Projects and we're involved in doing some training documentaries for the sport and as information arrives we'll have more to say on this matter.

For now welcome to our Projects Department.

Furby Alexander Communications Director.